Narrabeen All Nighter

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1. Runners are to keep to the trail, after leaving the start area. For the outer 300m, which has a concrete path, runners may run on the grass, in any line, but turning around the turn cone.  

2. For the 12 hour race, at 12 hours, results will be recorded as the number of complete half laps ran. A countback will be used for runners with equal number of half laps. The countback will be the earliest time of completion of the last half lap. 

3. The marathons will consist of 8 laps.

3. Team changeover. The change can be at the end of any full lap. The current runner will need to complete the lap they are on by passing the timing mat. That runner is to tag the other team member, in the changeover zone, who will then start the next lap. .

4.  Pacing is not allowed.





























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